Sunday, July 15, 2012

Loving the Army Jacket

I'm loving this look! Olivia is matching earthy colors with bright orange, her signature sunnies and an animal printed black and white scarf. Topshop and Zara should have army jackets in this style as well as zebra scarfs. I also saw a very similar scarf at Banana Republic the other day. I thin the scarf Olivia is wearing in this picture is from Bluefly though.

Above: Relaxed look on the way back from Starbucks. This picture makes me want to run down to the Starbucks on Baker Street and get an ice latte NOW!!
Below: Olivia strolling around in New York with boyfriend Johannes Huebl on their way to (or from?) working out. The Givenchy Nightingale is such a typical Olivia bag! Watch out for the leather on the bag though ladies, it's lamb and very sensitive so not a great buy if you want to wear it for many years. I have an orange one and it started to look old very quickly :(

Navy stripes and ballerinas - a classic and very casual chic look!

Above: all the members of the family - Olivia, Johannes and their little pooch Mr Butler! I'm not quite sure what is going on here, some kind of little Easter egg in a basket-activity it seems. Below: the great mixing of styles is more obvious here - army jacket and the Mulberry animal printed pumps.

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